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Exclusive review of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition (Englishversion)

Set number: 41999
Set name: 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition
Series: LEGO Technic
Sales start: 1st of August, 2013
Number of parts: 1585 (not incl. spare parts)
Number of released sets20.000 sets
DisignerMarkus Kossmann (Kossi), Egor Karshiev (rm8)

Approximate model size: 
Length - 443 mm
Width - 212 mm
Height - 210 mm
Weight - 1665 g (excl. battaries) / 1850 g (incl. NiMh 2700mAh batteries)

Approximate box size:
Length - 478 mm
Width - 378 mm
Height - 90 mm
Weight - 2927 g

Stickers: included, 1 sheet
Instructions: 4 booklets (84, 80, 76 и 68 pages)
B-model: no

Recommended age: 11 - 16
Difficulty level : Advanced
Approximate building time: 7-10 hours

Official price199.99 USD / 179.99 EUR / 1.499 DKK / 249.99 CAD / 219.99 AUS / 139.99 GBP

Being a designer of the base model Boss Crawler and a winner of "You design it, we make it!"competiton, I got a chance to be the first who saw this set 41999 directly from the conveyor. 


Little remind: according to the competition terms competitors had to create their own model using 9398 set chassis. Winning model was released exclusive limited set. 

The temptation to open the set not too far from the packing line was really heavy. This review was written during two-week vacation spent in Denmark. Let’s see, what came out of it.

P.s. There many photos here, much more than text:) All for you-enjoy!

1. Opening the box

Box size is really noticable. It is smaller than its 9398 predecessor with less parts number.

The box is both smaller in height and in width. Box size is the same as 42000 set. 9398 for sure feels itself very roomily. Since 41999 has more parts, the box size is astonishing.
The second thing to notice is the title cover has no model picture. LEGO logo and Technic series in the center with dark blue background and two white stripes only. It is not usual – regular sets always have a very attractive photo.

Inspecting the background thoroughly I realised it is a photo of a model hood. Model photo absense on the cover is understandable: the set will never be on the shops’ display – it will be saling through Shop at Home official and LEGO Brand Stores, which is not present in Russia unfortunately.

In the left bottom you can find number parts, reccomended age. In the right bottom – set number and model name.

On the back side we can find model photo and all unique features:

  1. Exclusive silver metallic elements
  2. Number plate with unique number
  3. Exclusively decorated wheel rims
  4. Never seen before - exclusive dark blue LEGO Technic elements
  5. LED front lights
  6. Motorized winch
  7. 4x4 steering & extreme off-road capabilities

Box side parts:

On the top box side we can find all the variety of Power Functions included. Not enough?

This set is unique due to its parts variety and quantity: none of all LEGO sets has as many electric parts as this has.

The colouring of the cover has to be marked – some pictures covered by UV varnish. The box looks very smart and considerable. Excellent choice for a present!

Let’s open the box.

Suprisingly the box has no folding cover and tear lines. Upper part is not connected with bottom one and can be removed. To do this you simply need to cut 4 round stickers attached on the box sides.

Inside we see bags with details compactly laid, cardboarded instructions with sticker sheet and tyres mounted on wheel rims.

By the way tires are mounted advisedly. This is done to prevent white lines on the rims from scratching while transportation. Mounting of tyres has been done manually (4*20 000=80 000 wheels!!!). Altogether, many operations incl. packaging process were executed manually, since LEGO Company tried to make this set unique and abstained from most standart technological processes.
So we have 4 instructions, wheels, bags numbered 1, bags numbered 2 and bags with Power Function elements (all separately):

Instruction consists of four booklets:

Stickers add model some sport looks and situated on one sheet only:

Here is the parts list from the last page of booklet:

Set functions description:

Remember to use this set only indoors (read: drive over socks, boots and kids’ toys scattered all around). Outdoors some plastic parts could be probably broken so to cause less productivity or total disfunction of a crawler.

Back side of one of the booklets – very interesting.

No photo of 42009, maybe because its’ photos were not approved when booklets were printed?!

Another back side of another booklet hints at an upcoming redesign of LEGO Technic website (it has just happened).

OK, let’s open the bags. The main parts after the sorting process:

Beams and liftarms:


Benchmark for building a model for a trial competition

Notice the thickness of a cord for the winch:

Lots of electric stuff:

Gears are mostly as 9398 has. Only three simple gears and one worm-gear was added for the winch.
New parts are only represented by redesigned curved panels 11x3x3 and wheel rims – in black with 6 pin holes instead of old 3 pin holes. Wheel rims are glossy black, whereas 9398 rims are flat black. Wheel rims are special and ony for this set – with white stripe around.

I believe that only new 6-pinholed wheels will be used from now.

Here is wheel rims, 41999 left and 9398 right:

The other side:

New designed panel has new attaching variants. Frankly speaking I like the old one because the main goal of using a panel is decoration, but not attaching. I’ll go ahead and say that new panel responded all the expectations in this set.

Now to new part colours. Dark blue is the main body colour. This colour in constantly used in Star wars sets. And we won’t see it for Technic sets anymore. While revisioning the model with designers team we had to minimize the number of part needed in new colour. That’s what we achieved:

Then metallic silver parts:

The model incudes some white details used for decoration the body (stripes along and an spoiler)

So to build 41999 body in alternate colour you need white and dark blue parts shown above.

All in all the quantity of dark blue panels is high enough. On the other hand it would be difficult to use it in MOCs due to the little edition and limited parts variety. You simply won’t be able to buy more parts.

2. Building

Parts are sorted and we begin.

Building the chassis is nearly the same as 9398 set. Some insignificant modifications are shown below.

The difference is shown on the 9398 booklet cut out:

As we see, in 41999 the part is rotated 90 degrees to attach the winch.

Most of you surely read the review or built 9398 so we skip the detailed explanation of building the chassis part.

Booklet 3 starts from building the winch:

Then the front part with headlights, bumper and gitter is added to the winch so to form the whole front which is attached to the chassis. 9398 set’s front was a single whole with folding upper part of the body.

The lever controlling the winch is located above the battery box with some exceed over the fixing cover of the battery box.

Power: 3-plugged “sandwich”:

Too much wire, large PF-connector.. Frankly speaking detaching and attaching Battery box is quite tricky.

Then we add quarter panels, doors, wheel arches and back side of the body

Here is chassis completely built.

The next step is building the upper folding part of the body which comprises the hood, the roof with supports, the boot cover and the interior part.

This process is very fast. All we have to do then is to attach the body to the chassis and add wheels at the end. THAT’S ALL!

Approximate time spent – 4-5 hours. Spare parts:

As we see, there is an alternate plate number EK 41999 instead of unique number from 1 to 20 000.

OK, while there is no B-model, changing the number plate could do it then :) Indeed unique set!

3. Functions


Model has all-wheel drive and steering chassis as in 9398: live axles with ball joint stabilized by 2 links, with independent motor on each axle (2 driving motors total).

Standard transmission includes next gears: 12:20 - 16:16 - 20:28 - 12:20 - 12:20. These gear relation gives us good balance between speed, power and safety. Risk of transmission damages is close to zero.

Both axles are steerable. Steering is performed by Servo motor in the middle of the chassis under the battery box. Servo motor supports auto center function. After turning is competed - wheels are returning back to center position.

Suspension is long travelling so to deal easy with obstacles. Weakest part of chassis is the high center of gravity caused by battery box situated too high.


LED Lights connected directly to power supply. They work since battery box is ON. But don't worry: they consume very little amount of energy. Only 2 of 4 front lights are working. If you have additional LED lights - you can upgrade model for 4 working lights.

Motorized winch

Winch is the most complex and challenging addition to set. Winch requirements:

- High strength
- Strong coupling with chassis
- High power

Construction of winch is very compact - it is hidden in the front part under the bonnet. Winch does not intercepts with suspension parts and front axle movements. Attaching of the winch doesn't need many changes in chassis. Hope, we can attach this winch to 9398.

The winch is controlled by the Power Function switch in the cockpit:

Making winch remotedly controlled was not the best idea:

1. Winch handling needs hand work: take the hook, attach the hook, and in the end free the hook. In that case turning winch on and off is more comfortable from the cockpit.

2. Remote contolling needs second IR receiver which raises the price of the model.

Construction of the winch is represented by a sturdy block with M-motor and gearing 20:16 -worm:24 - string reel. Worm gear, as you know, increases torque. This torque could break the hook or string. Thats why 24 tooth gear is white clutch gear! This clutch gear also makes fast unwinding of string with hook possible.

On the other hand, accuracy of white clutch gear makes high torque and power of winch useless. So winch alone can't pull out the stuck crawler. But it gives a good additional torque while working together with wheels! This really helps when some wheels are off the ground and differentials make their black deeds. Everything is simple then: unwind, attach, turn ON the winch, waiting for the rope tension, push gas!
If you want more, you can change clutch gear with regular 24 tooth gear, BUT at you own risk;)

Doors and boot-lid

This model has opening doors and boot-lid. In 9398 set doors opening gives an access to upper body locks and battery box button. In 41999 you will not find upper body locks - the doors themselves are the locks!

Moreover, doors are fixed here the other way than in 9398 - with the use of small rubber connectors.

Opening boot-lid is necessary for the model, cause body is longer that chassis. While lifting body boot-lid moves up and backward. Animation below shows is clearly.

No, there is no bottom in the boot. But you can make this off-roader efficient;)

4. Exterior 

Body represents 4-seated coupe with two doors that reminds me USA cars from 60-70s of the past century. Perhaps, it is too long for a muscle car, but epic Dodge Charger 69' is also long 2-doors 4-seated. Anyways, body looks sporty!

This model, in my opinion, has a very succesful combination of different technic panels and beams: this gives the model finished appearance with smooth lines and attractive forms! There is no any big holes in the body! Well designed!

Unlike 9398, body of 41999 is represented in single dark-blue color scheme with some black and white elements. Car looks good with stickers and without them. This can not be told about 9398, which is mottled and only stickers make it look better.

Stickers make the car looks like "Trans Am" racing cars.

V8 sign and air deflectors make car look sporty and american;)

Two white stripes go through hood, roof and boot-lid. Such stripes were the usual decoration of muscle cars like Ford and Shelby.

That is not a secret that american cars have many shiny details. We can't miss this oportunity in such an exclusive set: 41999 includes parts with "metallic silver" color. These details are: bumpers, side steps, exhaust pipes, side mirrors and bull bar. Yes, that is not a real chrome, but much better than nothing.

Bull bar and bumpers:

By the way, rear spoiler is another sport detail.

Side steps:

Side rearview mirrors:

Exhaust pipes are situated under the side steps right behind the doors.

Rear number plate is also painted with silver color.

The masterstroke - new 6-radial black rims with 6 pin holes. Except new design, they painted with black glossy color (9398 has flat rims) and decorated with white circle. It reminds me the white side of classic cars' tires.Very shiny!!!

Seats are performed by System parts - curved slopes and tiles with tan "leather" color. It is sad that only seatback...

5. Conclusion

Model reflects exactly what it was from the start - classical american sport car from 60-70's of the past century: brutal with muscles! All my thoughts and proposals has been brought to life in this model with the help of Markus Kossman (with agreement to all LEGO building rules). To say the truth, I was sure that TLG would not leave motorized winch and LED lights for economy. It is double pleasure for me that all additional functions were left untouched and price stayed the same as 9398.

All functions work perfect: remote controlling, 4x4 chassis with offroad capabilities, LED lights and motorized winch. Some of you met this chassis in 9398 set. It was time-proved: strong and effective. Do not wait too much from the standard winch: it was built safe using clutch gear to prevent it from damages. If you have some spare parts - you can upgrade your crawler for better crawling performance and higher winch efficiency.You can also make boot practically usable by adding the bottom. That's why I love LEGO.

For the same price as 9398 is you will recieve more parts and electrics. You will be surprised not only by the model, but also by the box. Box is very nice and stylish. It looks like a very good present not only for kids, but also for adults. Hurry up, only 20 000! That's not too much...

This set of course is a historical milestone for the company. I'm not sure if sales would cover all expences related to this competition and producing this set. But despite all difficulties of producing a new set in such short period of time, LEGO Technic Team made a huge work and became one step closer to its' fans.

It is hard for me to give an unprejudiced and objective opinion on my own creation. Hope other bloggers and set owners will do it soon.

As for me: being a co-Creator of this set I am glad and fully satisfied with our collaboration with LEGO Technic Team and with its' final results. I strongly reccommend this set for a purchase.

Have a nice building!

I also want to thank TLG. Personally Lego Technic Team.

Stay tuned, I have some cakes for next days;)

Thats not all;)


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